≠Xáí o from Epukiro, Namibia!

The N/a’an ku sê Lifeline Clinic

That's right! After all the waiting, planning, and last minute hot water bottle purchases we're finally on the ground in Namibia. Which means it's time to give our friends at home a better idea of what we'll be up to for the next several weeks. This year, Kedge has partnered with the award winning N/a’an ku sê Foundation and N/a’an ku sê Lifeline Clinic to work with the Ju/’Hoansi San population in Epukiro.

Last August, with the help of the Lifeline Clinic, the San built their very first cooperative store in the Epukiro area. The brick and mortar store has been finished, and now we're coming in to help supplement the San community's business education. We've already held our intro day and met our class of about 30. Pretty soon Alexa and Kelly will be getting started with our very first classes of 2015.

We've always loved the first day of school...

#kedgeinnamibia2015 #san #namibia #naankusê

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