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It’s hard to believe but June has come and gone, which means Kedge has completed its pilot program!

In our final class, Alexa and I taught the participants some of the basics of sales and marketing for their businesses. Split into teams, each group was charged with trying to sell the other a mystery product (that turned out to be rocks and wood!). Armed with what they learned in class, our students had to rely on their sales abilities and marketing to convince the other team to ‘buy’ their product. As the group learned: presentation can make all the difference!

After our marketing session, we moved outside where Alexa taught the group some basics of wilderness first aid. Once briefed, everyone took turns trying treat a different ailment. As it turns out, the most popular role to play during this exercise was the victim!

To close out the course, we held a small ceremony where everyone received a certificate as proof that they participated in our pilot program. Then it was our turn to be the recipients when the group surprised us with our own traditional Maasai gear!

It was with a heavy heart that we wrapped up the Kedge pilot program that afternoon; during the short time we were in the Mara Alexa and I learned so much, both from our class and from the community at large (maybe even more than they learned from us). This wonderful experience gave us the information we need to improve Kedge for future programs. And of course, it would never have been possible without the gracious support we received from both the Maasai community and the Anne K Taylor Fund. We are truly grateful for everything they did for Kedge!

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