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In the Field: Where Kedge Works

Africa is the beating heart of entrepreneurship; from the jua-kali ("under the hot sun") service shops created along busy urban roadsides to the beautiful beadwork of rural women, creative business fuels the African soul. Kedge reaches out to communities and individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of conservation, but lack the resources to learn finance, business, and management skills. Kedge transforms these business owners into conservation-minded leaders in community wealth.



Kedge has worked with Maasai communities in the area surrounding the Maasai Mara National Reserve, one of the most biologically diverse protected areas in Africa.


Our pilot program, which ran during the summer of 2014, was a resounding success! Take a minute and read up on Kedge's inaugural venture on the blog, With Love, From Kedge: Dispatches From the Field.


In May 2015 Kedge traveled to Epukiro, Namibia where we worked with the N/a'an ku sê Lifeline Clinic and the local San community. 


While there, we worked with the San to start three local businesses. One such business was a shop where the San can buy & sell goods at reasonable prices, learn business management skills, and take steps toward strengthening their community.



Kedge plans to work with Berobaig communities in the bushland at the edges of Ruaha National Park, the largest protected area in Tanzania.



Kedge plans to work with coastal fishing communities living within the rich natural mangrove forests of Cape Coast.

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